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Your business is unique and requires a customized strategy for success... does your search strategy

Customized Search Solutions

Our decades of experience working with large global corporations to small privately held start ups have taught us that each client partner needs an individual and singular search approach.  


We work with you to create a custom process to quickly develop candidates with the specific expertise you need.  This customized approach gives us the insight to reach candidates for you who may not have otherwise been identified.


Traditional search firms operate under a "one size fits all" mentality. This forces you to work on their terms and to only access candidates who they think may be a fit for you based on general knowledge and those that reply to general advertisement.

Our experience enables us to truly understand the way your role interacts with (and contributes to) the success of your business.  As a result we focus our search efforts quickly and strategically on people who will not only fit your role, but fit your company as well. 

You've developed specific expertise for your business success...

...your strategic search partner should too


Our 25+ years of experience in the Asset Management sector will be put to work directly for you.  We know this industry and it's sector nuances well and have a large network that will be engaged as resource for you. 


Once we have developed and created the customized search strategy with you we singularly identify individuals with the expertise you need and recruit them directly.  This enables us to quickly develop a talent pool for you consisting of people that have been specifically recruited for your role, and not just people who answered a passive online advertisement.

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Financial Report

You maximize value wherever possible... your search solutions will too


As a part of your customized search strategy we design a fee structure to match the level of search effort needed for your specific success. 


Retained search firms' fees are prohibitive to positions lower than the executive suite and require reoccurring payments along with "overhead" fees.  Contingent search firms cost less than retained, but the candidates identified are broad in scope and have typically been recruited from general sources (like job boards).

We structure our fees to match your need so we can recruit specifically for you.  Now you can conduct a strategic search to singularly recruit individuals with the exact expertise you need at all levels without having to pay large up front and reoccurring fees.

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